Rooftop Hitchin


For a change, I thought I would include a more ‘aerial’ view of Hitchin by showing it from a much higher level. This was taken from St. Mary’s Church bell tower roof looking across the roof tops of properties in churchyard towards Market Place. This is a view most people won’t see as they won’t go up the bell tower of the church or just never look up at the buildings that surround them.

You can see the old Corn Exchange (now Que Pasa) and to its right, the building that houses Waterstones’ bookshop and the snooker hall above it.  Immediately to the right of those is the building that contains Merricks (the sweetshop) and the dentist L. Granhed above that.

Chinese Tree


There has appeared in Bancroft Gardens, on Bancroft, (opposite the Victoria Pub) a tree that has had pieces of paper tied to it. They are covered in a chinese script. They look pretty, but I have no idea who put them there and why? Are they for the Chinese New Year? Are they for good luck?


Green Space


Looking around Hitchin from the top of the church tower, one can just how much greenery there is in the town. This particlular shot is looking south across the churchyard, over Churchgate, past The Sun Hotel, past Bridge Street and on to Priory Park in Hitchin Hill; Also encompassing a few buildings on Queen Street too.

Mosaic Frieze


Continuing the church theme this month, is the central part of the frieze behind the altar in the central nave of St. Mary’s Church.  More of this frieze will be posted at a later date; as will the beautiful stained glass windows in the southern aisle and chapel

Angelic Host


St Mary’s Church in Hitchin is full of little gems such as this angel. I’m not sure if it’s an original or a Victorian reproduction. If it is an original, then I’m surprised it survived the iconoclasts’ destruction; But as Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews pointed out, they only pulled down statues of saints that people prayed to and not angels to which people didn’t pray.

National Westminster House


Just for a change, I thought to upload a photograph of the back of a building. (not normally seen and photographed all the less). This was called the National Westminster House and is on Hermitage Road. It used to contain The Yorkshire Bank amongst other businesses such as The Motor Agents Association. I find this side of the building rather more interesting than the front just by the fact of having a set of stairs tacked on to its outside rather than being incorporated inside the building.

Hitchin Race Circuit


Hitchin Race Circuit is a photo-realistic 3D model of the town centre and some of the other streets that can be played as a computer racing game. (Like Formula 1 racing at Monaco, Silverstone etc)  Download it and race against friends or against others online. It’s absolute fun to play a computer game and see Hitchin also. Some buildings are now gone and others have changed hands, so added local history too.  Find it here and enjoy.

The Sun Hotel


Just for a change, a a different view of the wonderful Sun Hotel (Also previously known as the Sun Inn) on Sun Street.  Sun Street used to be called Angel Street due to the fact that the Angel Inn formerly stood on it. (This collapsed in 1957)

September 2021